Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Moshi Monsters: Music Rox Review

Have your house and children been taken over by them yet?
If not be prepared, the Moshi monsters are out and are unstoppable!

Who are the Moshi Monsters?

A fun collectible line of high-tech vibration mini robotic pets and playsets by Bobble Bots.
Moshi Monsters are huge (50 million fans!) and are also online at where Moshi Monsters have their own online world where they come to life and kids can play puzzles, games, and more.

And now they have produced their own songs and have their own album the Moshi Monsters: Music Rox

The Moshi Monsters trend seems to be unstoppable, with over half of the UK’s kids signing up to experience the excitement of this wonderful and wacky online world themselves. Now the Moshi Monsters Music record label is bringing the magic to life through song with their first CD album, packed full of fun songs from some of the most popular Moshi characters. Moshi Monsters: Music Rox! features fan favourites The MonStars, Popstar Poppet and Sweet Tooth, as well as new singing sensations Bobbi SingSong and Zack Binspin, and covers a broad range of genres from pop to Bollywood. Moshi Monsters: Music Rox! is an essential addition to any Moshi-mad Kids album collection. 

If your child/children are into the Moshi Monsters, then this album would make the perfect gift.. The songs on this album are the songs from the cut-scenes that start the games.Since we have the Cd in the house Funky Monkey hasn't stopped dancing.

However, Dutchie and I noticed that the songs all seem vaguely familiar, and keep trying to guess which famous song they sound like. But then there are only 4 chords available to a musician to use, so we will let them off!
Obviously, though the CD is aimed at young children, so each song is full of clichés and repetition.

There is a range of songs, with many genres from jungle beat to techno right through to rock. Most of the songs are light and fluffy.

I'm not sure as to the album's longevity, when we first got it we listened everyday but its popularity is now diminishing. I have lost count though of the amount of times we've had it on, with various friends singing along when they come round to play. I thought I would be driven crazy by the songs but I was pleasantly surprised. Funky Monkey likes it and knows most of the songs already as the catchy tunes stay in your head for a long time. Makes a change from the continuous Sky radio songs!

 We would recommend this CD to any Moshi fan they will not be disappointed!!!

Moshi Monsters: Music Rox! CD retails at £8.97 from all Tesco Stores (plus there are 8 Clubcard points for every buy)

Funky Monkey and I received a complimentary CD for this review. All opinions are our own

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  1. There seems to be no stopping Moshi Monsters!


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