Thursday, February 16, 2012

Expat blog hop - 14

The theme for this weeks Expat Blog hop is objects - Is there anything in your new expat country that you use daily but before you arrived there you had no idea what one was or that such an invention even existed!

So here are my objects I encountered on arriving to the Netherlands

 I had never encountered such a contraption before I came to the Netherlands, and it is a dangerous object. I have lost (or nearly lost) many fingers using this. It just isn't made for non Dutch people. Dutchie agrees apparently I murder a cheese block whenever I go near one. Grating the cheese or cutting slices off a block is not the way to do it at all. We have two types of cheese in our fridge one for Dutchie and his cheese slicer and a packet of ready sliced slices for me. Kills 2 birds with one stone, I don't murder the cheese and the cheese slicer doesn't murder me.

I wondered who invented such an  object and it was a Norwegian man, Thor Bjorklund. He patented the object in 1925. Legend says that one hot summers day he couldn't get his cheese as thin as he would like, so as he was a carpenter he decided to make a object similar to the one he used for planing wood. I wonder why he just didn't open a pack of ready sliced cheese. (But then I suppose it was 1925)

 I have one of these in my house, it makes coffee. I don't even like coffee, hate the stuff, so it gathers dust, until one of my dutch friends or family come round. I really don't know what was wrong with the good old jar of Nescafe that I used to pull out the cupboard, but whenever I would say Coffee? and then pull out the jar, I would get a response of ooooh no, actually I'll just have tea.
This also plays a big part in our especially for me, I am now converted to what is inside and would never think of serving this in any other way, Do you have one of these?

And lastly I wonder if you have one of these in your house, Next week Ill be posting more about what it is...

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  1. I gathered the courage to participate to my first expat blog hop! :) Have been reading your blog for some time now, and will for sure continue.

    1. Hi Anu, Thank you for joining us, we are a friendly bunch, those who post on the blog hop :)

  2. We always had a cheese slicer in England - sorry. I also buy a jar of instant coffee - can't see what all the fuss is about with the designer stuff. The box looks like a teabag caddy for a wide selection of herbal and fruit teas - very big in Israel. The box comes out after dinner and cups of hot water are passed around.And the last object looks like a diffuser to put on the gas flame when you want a gentle even heat under the saucepan.

    I'm finding it hard to comeup with something other than food but I'm still thinking.

    1. I never even knew a cheese slicer exsisted I obviously lived a sheltered life. We would have still had instant coffee had it not been for my father in law throwing away his old machine. Yes its a tea box, something else I never had!

  3. Good choice of items! The cheese slicer - I'm sure I sometimes have nightmares that involve this kitchen tool :D But what would I do without it!
    As for the coffee machine, I actually have two: one for regular "Dutch" coffee, for when we have Dutchies coming over and then the espresso machine, which is actually the one we use ourselves.

    The tea box looks pretty. I have one of those too at home.

    As for the poffertjes making thingy, I've never used one - and now that I think of it, I have never ever had poffertjes in the 9 years I've lived here! Mmm... should do sth to change that!


  4. Hi Aledys, Thanks for stopping by, Why not have poffertjes on Tuesday?(Shrove Tuesday) I shall be posting a few recipes

  5. My Dutch husband is the only one who uses a cheese slicer in our (American) home.
    My Dutch in-laws usually drink Nescafe, too! I'm not a coffee drinker myself. About the only time our coffee pot comes out is when we have company ... and then I have to ask them to make it since I'm never sure how much to put in!
    Love the tea box! I thought of getting one recently but couldn't find one I loved. The search continues...
    I actually do have a cast iron poffertjes pan! I use a mix by Koopmans that my Dutchie gets from an online store. I'd love to get a recipe, though. If it's anything like making American pancakes, I guess it shouldn't be too hard. One of my problems is that it makes so much! Okay, the only problem really is that then I eat way too many of them :) Lekker!!
    One other thing that was new for me when I lived in Germany was a water cooker (is that what they're called in English?). I guess we just don't boil as much water in the States!

    1. Do you mean an electric kettle. When I was in America (over 20 years ago) I was amazed that everyone still boiled water on the gas. Is this still the case? How quaint ;)

  6. HI Germanintheafternoon, Thanks for stopping by! Lovely tales, Pop by on Tuesday when I will have some lekker recipes for poffertjes and pancakes!
    A water cooker, I think you mean a kettle?

  7. Well you learn something new every day! We have one of those cheese slicers, but I didn't know who invented it! :) PS. I adore what is made in the last picture! Emma :)

  8. I am so lucky that I have not lost any fingers to those cheese slicer things.


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