Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Fairy Gardens

As you may have read in previous posts, we are gardening, and we are trying to include Funky Monkey in the whole thing too,. Apart from growing the typical sunflowers, we made a pizza garden last week and this week we have created a Fairy dwelling.

I had flower fairies when I was a child and still have the whole collection, although Funky Monkey only gets to play with two of them as I recently found out they were collectors items and quite expensive!

Making a miniature garden doesn't take much space. Maintenance requires only a light misting from time to time and watching for fairies.

We made ours using  woven baskets, shallow bowls and bits and pieces lying around. We used potting soil and a selection of small plants that will reach under a foot when fully grown. Dwarf flowers and plants are best.Moss will work nicely too and we fitted in around the edges and into corners and small areas adding texture and interest. The thyme, rosemary and lavender will lend aroma to the garden as well.

To make a fairy dwelling, turn a colourful plant pot on its side and submerge it halfway in the soil For Funky monkey's birthday she will be getting small doll house sized furniture to set in the garden, we used coloured cocktail sticks to construct a fairy fence, and small flat beads to make a wonderful stepping stone path.
A square mirror symbolizing water gave us a pool. We also put a small pot with real water in and added glitter for effect.

Fairy gardens needn't be for little girls only. Boys could make a miniature dinosaur den or a jungle using the same materials. Herbs, moss and plants could make the forest or wooded area for small plastic dinosaurs  Soil in a mound could be a volcano.

Let yours and your child's imagination flow. Planting and maintaining a miniature garden can teach children about plants, caring for living things, and most all the fun of gardening.

There are more fab gardening ideas over at Christine Moslers Gardening with Kids on Thinly spread


  1. Oh my word your Fairy Garden is simply the most ADORABLE THING EVER!!! WOW! Sooo cute. I have been meaning to make a fairy house for a while now... now I MUST!

    (PS visiting via Thinly Spread)

  2. Do you know what is also nice, 8 years on I am still finding plastic zoo animals and dinosaurs as I dig and the happy memories are still coming flooding back. That is a beautiful fairy garden x

  3. Thats fab! You've given me some inspiration now to sort out my children's garden!

  4. Thank you! for the comments, Glad I could provide inspiration, It was actually Chrisitne Mosler over at Thinly spread, who started off my ideas of when doing the garden to involve my daughter as much as possible.

  5. I think your gardener has gone off his rocker!!! :-)

  6. My wife picked up a miniature fairy garden kit for our daughter, and she absolutely loved it. She can be as creative as she likes, and it's a good excuse for her to be outdoors.


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