Tuesday, March 1, 2011

It could be Rotterdam or anywhere with Peppa pig

With the tune of it could be Rotterdam or anywhere by the Beautiful South, in our heads, At the weekend we headed off on the train to investigate the largest port in Europe.

Albeit it was a very dismal and rainy day, one of those days where you just want to curl up on the sofa and stay inside but, we had promised Funky Monkey that we would go there, after she heard a train announcement during the week at the train station. From then on every day she asked if we could go!

We got some cheap discount tickets from the Kruidvat, if you don't know about them they really are good value for travelling anywhere in Holland at the weekends.

Rotterdam suffered so much during World War II, that only one building still remains in the centre from before the bombings, the White house. What has been rebuilt to replace the pains of the past is a modern, sleek looking city with an incredible skyline although it is a ctiy and to a village girl like me it did feel slightly claustophobic.

Even the bridges are sleek and modern with style. We felt that Rotterdam has such a multicultural feel and it is quite easy to get around in by either tram, bus, or subway.

Shopping is great, although Dutchie wouldn't let me any where near many shops as we weren't there for shopping but we did find a wide variety of ethnic shops and restaurants as well. We ended up in eating Mc Donalds, not very multicultural but Funky Monkey got a happy meal which for her is something special.

What we did find was the big open market on Saturdays.  Here, you really see the diversity in the culture that is Rotterdam. Foods and items from all over the world as people from all over the globe.

The port of Rotterdam is the largest port in Europe.Covering 105 square kilometers (40.5 sq mi), the port of Rotterdam now stretches over a distance of 40 kilometers (25 mi). It consists of the city center's historic harbour area. Unfornunately for us the day was really grey and cloudy so we didnt venture on any boat trips but we would love to go back and tour the port on a sunnier day.

We made a stop at the minature railway world next to the station before heading home and although we thought it was a bit expensive for what it was, Funky Monkey enjoyed it for at least 2 hours. Next time we head to Rotterdam,  we will try and see the zoo and the large outdoor play park.

We had lovely day, even if we did get seriously wet, on the train journey back the games of I spy had worn out, and the promise of Mcdonalds or the minunature railway world were no longer going to work as a promise to stay sitting on a train, so I pulled out my next trick,

A new app for the I phone and I phone touch, the new Peppa pig Parrot game:

The Peppa Pig Polly Parrot App is collection of three interactive games – plus a special bonus sticker book. It features the original music and sound effects from the TV show. As Peppa pig is a sound favourite in this house it was surely going to be a hit ,with,  a little girl who goes through stages of only wanting to wear her Peppa pig t shirt.
The activities we played on the train were:
  • Talking Parrot - Funky Monkey had fun making the character Polly Parrot say some silly phrases like Suzy Sheep is a silly yoyo. As rhyming games are a fun pastime of ours on our bus journeys every day anyhow,  this put a different light on them. It really stimulated her listening and literacy skills. We now try to make up our own sentences about each other!
  • Feed Parrot - This was Funky Monkeys least favourite game. Polly Parrot was hungry and wanted crackers. She had to count the correct number of crackers that Polly wanted or select the correct ones based on the colour that Polly wanted. I think this game would maybe suit older children. as selecting the correct amount of crackers and moving the ones that weren't the right colour was a bit tricky. Funky Monkey is only 2 1/2, so this was a little bit too much for her and she got bored easily. 
  • Where’s Polly?  -  Polly had escaped from her cage. This was a hide and seek game . Funky Monkey had to find Polly in different rooms. This one we loved! It was very easy for her to select each hiding place and find Polly Parrot.

  • Sticker Book – As you played each game you could win a certain amount of stickers and collect them in a book.
Funky Monkey could easily select the game she wanted to play without any adult  help.  It would be great for our long morning/afternoon train/bus journeys or even in the car.
I like how this app not only kept her entertained but also taught her something at the same time., the rhyming Silly sentence game could really help Funky Monkey to strucuture sentences. even if they are somewhat silly!!! For the older children the number/colour game would help them to learnfocus on their numeracy skills.
I would love to find more apps like this as I do believe that in our Internet/Computer world ,children are inevitably going to be mobile phone/computer orientated, so it helps them to keep busy in an otherwise boring situation and provides them with early learning opportunities.
The only downside! Its availabilty only for Iphone, we tested it on Papa's i phone but if I did use it ,when she was with me I would needto a) steal Papas phone b) get  a new phone! (smiles sweetly ) c) or they release it for Blackberry users

I was given this app in exchange for an honest review. Thank you, .

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  1. Apps are great for keeping the little ones quiet whilst travelling! Have you tried out any of the other Peppa Pig apps? My kids especially love Holiday and Sports Day!


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