Friday, March 11, 2011

The important thing about ...

After bathtime today, I read Funky Monkey a book, which when she first got it as a present, I thought it was rather strange but it has begun to grow on me.

You will probably know the author, Margaret Wise Brown, if you have had the pleasure of reading Goodnight Moon.

This book has no storyline as such but is actually quite compelling,
The last page goes like this:

" The important thing about you is that you are you,
               It is true that you were a baby
and that you grew,
          and now you are a child,
 and you will grow 
    into a man,
      or into a woman.
                 But the important thing about you is that
        You are You"
(taken from The Important book Harper Collins Copyright 1949)

Well the book inspired me to write some "The important things" of my own.

The important thing about Funky Monkey,
is that she is ours,
She grows bigger every day
and always makes us smile
and giggle with love
But the important thing about Funky Monkey
is that she is ours.

The important thing about Stroopwafels,
is that they are Mummy's favourite Dutch thing,
They are gooey and sticky inside
with a sweet syrupy smell,
But the important thing about stroopwafels
is that they are Mummy's favourite Dutch thing.

The important thing about bicycles is that they get you from A to B
They come in many different shapes and sizes, colours and forms
And they have bells, bakfiets, baskets and all manner of things
But the important thing about Bicycles,
is that they get you from A to B

The important thing about being a family,
is sharing life with those that you love,
You muddle through life's trials and tribulations,
rinding mountains high and going down valleys low,
But the important thing about being a family 
is sharing life with the ones you love.

Before being a lecturer here in Holland, I spent 10 years as an Early Years/ Primary teacher, unfortunately I never got round to using this book in my classes, but here is a blog where a teacher suggests a lovely lesson idea, maybe some one out there is a primary teacher too and could share it together as part of Literacy .

I have also posted it in Something for the Weekend over at Thinly spread. Why not Make a " The important thing about"  book of your own,  with your family this weekend, as soon as Funky Monkey can write a bit more, we will make one of our own and Ill post it back on here. (you may have to wait a few years yet though, she can only just hold a pencil!)

Or maybe you would like to carry the theme on and post a "The important thing about" comment!


  1. Fabulous post!
    (love the new look too btw)

  2. What a wonderful take on this book! I have never seen it before I will need to look for it.

  3. You had me at Stroopwafels '-)!

    I love this post, really made me think about what is important in the 'Wired' household too.

  4. Oh waht a lovely idea and such a gorgeous post! Thank you for sharing it! We can buy stroopwafels in our local health food shop and I love perching them on my coffee cup to warm and ooze! :-)

  5. Thank you for all the lovely comments.
    You can get the book on Amazon.

  6. I've never heard of Stroopwafels but I shall be sure to look them in next time I'm in Holland.

    Thanks for contributing to the BMB Carnival.


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